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ThisThis page is here to tell the story of Jeff's first band and share with you information on its original members and photos from the archives! Never before seen or heard stories and pictures of Jeff's early years in music! Jeff began singing professionally at the age of 11, but it wasn't until he had matured to the ripe old age of 15 that he started his own band, JEFF BRANDT AND GALAXY!! The first place to hire the band was the Hangar Lounge at the Airport Inn in Des Moines Iowa. Charlie Keller was the owner of the lounge and had seen Jeff perform in a competition at his Rolling Prairie night club in West Des Moines with the great entertainer Paul New. Paul and his band Steel City were performing at the night club and backing up those who were competing. Jeff won the competition and was given a two nights stay at the Rolling Prairie Inn and a champagne breakfast for two. This would be great for anyone else but for a 15 year old boy it didn't do much for him until Charlie told Jeff if you get a band together I will hire you to work for me. So Jeff did just that and the band opened at their first lounge for a big three week run! Jeff also became a big fan of Paul New and today still looks at Paul as one of his many influences. The band traveled all over the state of Iowa and eventually went out on the road to broaden their audience base.  The group toured for several years covering around 16 Midwest states.  In 2017 the group was informed by the Iowa Rock and Roll Music Association that they were being inducted into the Hall of Fame!  So this Labor Day weekend, Jeff Brandt and Galaxy will be recognized and inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Arnolds Park, Iowa! The entire group is very excited and honored to say the least! The Following weekend, September 9th, they will be performing at the historic Lake Robbins Ballroom in Woodward, Iowa! Bringing back all the music that sent them to the Hall of Fame and that friends have come to know the band by for 38 years of performing together! Hope to see you at the official induction party at the ballroom!  This will be a night to remember!  See the poster below for more information!

This is an example of a typical Jeff Brandt and Galaxy Stage show set-up. The size of the room of course would determine how large the stage set-up would be. This particular stage set-up is from Minot, North Dakota at the Executive Inn circa 1984.


Gina Kalitzki(Keyboards), Gary Powers (Bass Guitar), Roger Myers (Lead Guitar), Scott Martin (Drums), Pedro Hall (Bass Guitar), Tom O'Connor (Lead Guitar), Steve Rorebeck (Drums), Brian "Taz" Grant (Lead Guitar), John Rafdol (Lead Guitar), Jim Davis (Bass Guitar), Brad Richman (Drums), Dave Petersen (Bass Guitar), Steve Dingman (Bass Player), Nelson Shrank (Lead Guitar) and many more.








We are going to attempt to find out whats is happening with these past members of Galaxy! To let you know what they are doing, what they have done, and all around catch you up with them! Steve Rorebeck is currently working at Rieman Music in Des Moines. You can visit his website by clicking HERE. Gary Powers is now retired and live is Des Moines Iowa.  Roger Myers resides in Osceola, Iowa and works for Midwest Optical in Indianola. Brian "Taz" Grant continues to work with his own band, The Taz Band in area blues and jazz clubs throughout Des Moines. At last word, Tom O'Connor works in real estate in the Des Moines area.  Nelson "Bo" Shrank lives in the quad cities area of Iowa and continues to amaze people with his incredible guitar playing. We will have more on Bo soon. Thanks to you too Bo for dropping us a line to update us!! If you have information on past members of Galaxy, please e-mail us below! More is coming soon!!



While it appears that there were a lot of members to the band most of these people were very short term. The main band consisted of Jeff Brandt (Lead Vocalist), Gina(Keyboards and Vocals), Gary Powers (Bass Guitar and Vocals), Roger Myers (Lead Guitar and Vocals) and Steve Rorebeck (Drums and Vocals).

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