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Lola Falana: Beautiful, powerful voice and beautiful personality!

Oak Ridge Boys: We thought it was us on stage? couldn't believe all four [voices] were coming out of one guy!

Willie Nelson: Now I know who I can call if ever I can't sing!

Janie Frickie: Absolutely fantastic!

T.G. Shepherd: I thought I was listening to Neil Diamond until I heard Elvis - then I knew it couldn't be (recording artist and former A&R man for Elvis)

Mrs. Jackie Gleason: Such an incredibly talented young man

June Taylor: You're going to go a long way

Jackie Mason: When I first started watching the show, I thought I was watching another back-up singer - I didn't realize I was watching a hit!

Wink Martindale: Wonderfully talented entertainer

Buck Trent: If anybody should have their own show, it should be Jeff Brandt

Adam West: Enjoyed it so much the first time, I had to come back & see it again!

Tom Dreesan: I love watching Jeff perform on stage!

Senator John Ashcroft: ? been to the show on many occasions and always enjoy watching what you do.

John Davidson: One of the most talented performers I've ever seen, I wouldn't want to try to follow him.

Mel Tillis: A lot of performers, very few entertainers, Jeff is one of the entertainers!

Rich Little: Incredible young talent?my shadow!

Jim Stafford: How do you do that?!

Gerald Ford: Incredible voice

Bob Hope: Great stuff, kid, great stuff!

Delores Hope: Never heard a singer with such power. Bob just loved what you did.

Faron Young: One talented little F***! (You had to know Faron!)

Donald Trump: Jeff should have a show of his own.

Bette Davis: What a beautiful voice!

Geena Davis: You were great!!

Englebert Humperdink: You were terrific!!

Ronnie McDowell: Jeff sounds more like Elvis than I do.

Roy Clark: Jeff has a unique voice in it's own right. His singing and impersonations are truly great. One of the finest disc jockeys I've listened to!

Steve Rossi: You were just fantastic!(Of Rossi and Allen comedy team)

Don Rickles: One hell of a talented kid!

Kathy Westmoreland: Jeff isn't just a singer, he's a superstar!

George Brewer, Casino Manager Golden Gate Casino Las Vegas, Nevada. (formerly with the Stardust Casino) Jeff brings the house down every night in Wayne Newton's show. Unbelievable talent!

Michael Jackson: You were great! I loved it! 08/24/2003

WAYNE NEWTON: Jeff is one of the most incredible talents I have ever known. There are many entertainers who could learn a lot from Jeff.

NEAL MC COY: One of the greatest Impressionists I have ever heard!


Wayne spends a lot of time by just utilizing his band and back-up singers, especially Jeff Brandt who does some killer imitations of Tom Jones and Willie Nelson and is pretty good in his own right at making jokes.

Entertainment Avenue columnist "The Dude On The Right"

Surrounding him (Wayne) on stage is an incredible group of talent (or "phenomenal talents", as Wayne repeats throughout the show)The man (Jeff) is a great impressionist who interacts with Wayne for about 20 minutes of the show.

His (Wayne's) audiences are treated to some unexpected fun when he shares the spotlight with backup singer Jeff Brandt, who turns out to be a terrific impressionist and a delightful comedy partner for his boss.

Las Vegas Host

"Jeff Brandt, who is an awesome singer in his own right, earns added applause for his singing impersonations of both Tom Jones and Willie Nelson. Brandt and Newton also take time to perform an effective Elvis duet."

Best Read Guide of Las Vegas

"Octave spanning, robust voiced backup singer Jeff Brandt takes over the spotlight for impressive impressions of Presley, Tom Jones, Willie Nelson, Niel Diamond, and Chief Wayne himself"!

The Las Vegas Review Journal's entertainment columnist Carol Cling.

"Brandt was brought forward for some excellent singing impressions, accurate carbons of Tom Jones, Willie Nelson, Neil Diamond, Archie and Edith Bunker, plus an Elvis Presley duet with Newton".

Joe Delaney, Las Vegas Sun

"Brandt takes center stage for (his) fine vocal impressions -- Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson and Tom Jones!"

Michael Paskevich, Las Vegas Review Journal

"One thing about (Wayne) Newton is he loves to perform and he loves to give his musicians and singers as much space as they warrant.

Jeff Brandt who does everything with his remarkable voice, gets almost 15 minutes to display his many talents and impressions".

Norm Johnson, This Week In Summerlin

"If you had closed your eyes you would have sworn that the real stars were there on stage."

Sandy McClain, MCN Review

"Jeff's vocal versatility astounds each and every audience?a consummate stage performer..."

Shannon Michael Pierce, Let's Escape Tour & Travel Magazine

"Fantastic impressions! He even does an impression of me! Now I have heard everything!"

Jimmy Lancaster, Branson Daily News

"Jeff Brandt, the super talented young man from Iowa! His impressions are totally accurate on the many stars he does."

Barbara Hayes, Midwest Country News Publisher/Editor

There you have it! The STARS and the CRITICS have spoken! Is it any wonder why people say, JEFF BRANDT is EXPLOSIVE ENTERTAINMENT!!

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